A few face masks

I had sewn some face masks for my mom and my brother. Brother wanted a single closure, so I did 3/8″ inch elastic around the base of his head, and he says it’s perfect. For my mom I cut the ultra soft elastic off of disposable masks so she would have the ultra soft. Today I decided to sew a few for a daughter-in-law and a couple more for me.

[The finished product.]

I know everyone has their own patterns or tutorials on how to make a mask, but I thought I’d add a very small one of my own. I didn’t have more disposable masks to raid for the soft ties.

I began with a 6×9″ rectangle and serged around all edges. I added 3 pleats and pinned. I turned under all the edges. At the nose edge, I put in 2 twist ties for each mask, and made a couple of lateral stitches to keep it in place.

For the soft ties, I cut a t-shirt across from side seam to side seam, 1 inch. I then cut the knit strips into 5″ pieces. When stretched, they look like a tube and relax to 7″, but will stretch to 9″. That’s all I needed.

As I sewed the side edges I sewed the knit tie into the top and bottom. Very easy, and I made 6 in a very short time.

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