Quick and simple quilt idea

Simple to make, this quilt can be whipped up in a few hours and make a child happy all winter long.

quick lap quilt

I made these in snuggle-quilt size for a child, but the same steps apply if you want to make it adult size or large enough for a bed. No batting needed.

My husband and I couldn’t resist the monkey and frog fabrics we found in flannel one day. I had already made lap quilts for the two of us using cotton for the front (not pieced, whole cloth) and batting with flannel backing. I wondered how it would work to use fleece for the backing. It would be soft, and warm and heavy enough to replace the batting as well.

For each quilt I purchased 1 1/2 yards of flannel fabric and 1 1/2 yards of a coordinating color of fleece. I knew there would be some leftover, but it’s never wasted.

I prewashed the flannel and trimmed it. Then I laid it out on my cutting table with one corner of the flannel matching a corner of the fleece. I cut the fleece with 2 inches overlap on the other two sides.

Then I repositioned the flannel so there was 1 inch of fleece overlap on all sides. Turn the fleece from the back to the front and pin to the flannel. No need to finish the edge of the fleece, as it won’t ravel.

I made mitered corners by first folding over the point at the corner, then folding down the two sides of the miter. Pin very well.

Because the fleece may tend to get caught between the toes of a presser foot, I used a teflon foot with a flat bottom, and the left position for my needle. I simply topstitched around.

teflon presser foot with roller

Then comes the fun part! I used the darning/embroidery foot and machine quilting thread, and hopped all over the quilt. No need to baste or pin, the flannel grabs the fleece and holds tight, and in doing both quilts I had only one instance of a wrinkle being stitched in place. I blame being distracted, and a careful person wouldn’t have that happen.

darning foot

I moved all around the frogs, sometimes even twice, to secure the layers of fabric together. I could have added shapes, or hearts, or even the grandson’s name, but I left it as a meander stitch.

I wrote down the times as I did the steps. I was very surprised I went from pre-washed fabric in the first photo, to the finished product in only 1 hour 50 minutes. Perception is odd, isn’t it? I was thinking it took so much longer than that.

Here’s the breakdown:

30 minutes to press the prewashed flannel, trim off the selvage, make sure it’s square, trim the fleece to 2″ larger each direction, reposition to 1″ overlap all around, and pin the fleece as a self-binding.

15 minutes to stitch the binding along 4 edges.

65 minutes to change the presser foot on the machine and meander-stitch the body of the quilt. The timing on this part depends on how densely you stitch.

Very quick and very easy to make. Finished size on these is 41 1/2″ by 53″. The fleece backing is so snuggly I really don’t want to give up the quilts, but I’m going to force myself to wrap them and put them under the tree so I don’t change my mind. I can just see two little boys watching TV with these quilts, or sitting in their mother’s lap under the quilt to hear a story.


24 responses to “Quick and simple quilt idea

  1. I love them! What a great idea to combine the flannel and the fleece–so warm and cozy! 🙂

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been kind of afraid of quilts but this looks so easy that I think I’ll give it a try. I love the combination of fabrics and the fact that you don’t need batting.

  4. Excellent idea for our American Sewing Guild – our 2012 project is to make blankets, lap robe, etc. for nursing homes, childrens shelters and place like that. All donated – this will be so quick for us and inexpensive.
    Thank you for sharing. Denise

  5. I love the fabric, and the quick project as they usually turn out the best, and rarely have a goof up.

  6. thanks for a reminder of this process ; I am about to make 3 double layers of fleece blankets using this method !

    • I had hand quilted two layers of fleece once for a baby quilt. Plain blue fleece backing, and a toile-look Winnie the Pooh design on the other fleece. I did a simple outline stitch around Winnie the Pooh. The mom I gave it to said it was the warmest blanket in the house!

  7. I did one already ; I’m working on the 2nd one ; I have decided not to do any ‘quilting’ since it holds well together and I’ve made many many double fleece before with no quilting . I really like the self binding look of this ! They are for 3 kids that live in a rough home , so I won’t get any feedback . just hope the kids find some comfort with them 🙂

  8. What a great idea! I was searching for a tutorial like this: I have the same materials and i want to create a quilt for a newborn baby boy!
    Thank you so much!!!

  9. Such a great idea; perfect for a beginning quilter like me. Thanks so much for taking the time to do such a detailed tutorial for dummies like me! LOL

    I’m so new that I’d never heard of a Teflon presser foot. I’m learning something new every day!


    • I’ll confess that I first heard of it when I dug through the feet that came with the latest sewing machine my husband bought for me. It’s for sewing vinyl or other fabrics that might grab, but I found it works great for bulky fleece.

  10. Great idea and I love your fabric choice! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  11. zeena fruchter

    thank you so very much for this unbelievable tutorial, i am even tempted to try a quilt as i have been scared to because they look so daunting.

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  13. Thank you so much you were a great teacher!

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  15. Where did you find the frog flannel material? My sons favorite blanket was made out of this and we need to make a new one. Any help would be appreciated!

    • I found it about the time I wrote that post at my local Wal-Mart store. Designs change all the time and your best chance will be someone who may still have some yardage tucked away who would be willing to sell it.

  16. thank you so much for a quick and simple procedure. Found out yesterday our local veterans hospital is in dire need of lap blankets and I was wondering how I could make fast, simple and cheerful gifts for our veterans in need.

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