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Sewing domesticated

Today I looked around my sewing room and saw the pile of old kitchen towels. I had purchased several new kitchen towels and decided to make the old ones into hanging hand towels for the kitchen.

I used 5 towels in all and made 4 hand towels. First, I used my serger to finish one towel into fourths. Then, I laid out the other towels, one at a time. I used my incredibly accurate eyeball estimator and pinched some pleats in the full towel at the center of the length, then pinned down the 1/4 towel with the right sides together on the back edge of the towel. I should have taken pictures of the process, but I didn’t, and it’s too late.¬† Taking a short length of ribbon, I made a loop and sewed it all at once with a zigzag stitch, loop in the center of the stitching.

kitchen hand towels

To make the front shaped edge, I took the two corners and folded them to where they would overlap in the center. I stitched them down with a short zigzag stitch at the center. I sewed a button for the loop to go around, and I was finished. I think all 4 towels took me about 30 minutes to create. I know it’s not elegant or glamorous, and I didn’t even finish all the edges or think about the back edge of the hanging part that can still be seen. I just wanted something functional from cast-offs.

I mentioned before that I don’t have a design wall. I do have a design floor. I placed the string blocks on the floor and went to the upstairs landing, where I could look down directly upon the layout. I did two variations and I like them both:

diamond layout string blocks

This¬† is a basic diamond layout. I didn’t try to get fussy with colors or matching things up.

This is a heart-shaped layout. When I was looking down from the balcony, it wasn’t apparent unless I traced the lines with my eyes (or my finger in the air, like a little kid!) but in the photo the heart really shows up well.

I don’t have to commit to a layout just yet, so I put the blocks away and cut more strings and batting squares. Day 15 of my 50-day challenge.