Extra hour

I used my extra hour today to get in a little sewing. I am done with the first round of treatments for the cancer, so no more steroid, and no more insomnia sewing. I have to be intentional about it now.

I decided to purchase the ribbon for the zebra stripe, and applique it to the fabric. It is not double-sided, so I had to get creative to make it look so. The zebra is part of a baby animal safari print I had bought at Jo Ann Fabrics several years ago, to decorate my classroom according to the Safari theme.

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome is all through my family. It is more prevalent in Europe and in people of European descent. It is a connective tissue (tendons, muscles) disorder. Many of my family members show joint hypermobility (we used to call this double-jointed) and eventually end up with many corrective surgeries, early arthritis, joints that dislocate easily, and pinched nerves. It can affect every system in the body.

My niece and her husband will be receiving these (I made 2) as a thank-you for helping to get my mom safely to me so she can be my caregiver this winter. I love to make homemade thank-you gifts, and this couple in particular are always pleased when I do.


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