Sleepless on steroids

I’m back in cancer treatments, and that’s part of the reason for fewer blog posts. On Mondays I take 40mg of a steroid in the morning. By Monday night I have no ability to fall asleep. A few weeks ago I started getting up and heading to the (what else?) sewing room. I fixed buttonholes in my husband’s favorite flannel overshirt, created some Frankestein shirts, and quilt blocks.

Frankenstein shirts is what I call combining 2 or more shirts to fit the parameters I need for my upcoming stem cell transplant. I’ll have a central line (kind of like an IV in the upper chest) and I’ll need my shirts to open in the front to be able to get them on and off without disturbing the line. I’m never able to find cotton button-down shirts that don’t gap at the bust and I’m more comfortable in knits, so I’m working with what I find. I use thrift store purchases, so I don’t feel bad putting something in the rag bag if I can’t stand how it turns out.

I found this cute zip-front hooded sweatshirt in gray with sparkles. I added sleeves from a pink shirt I bought online on clearance, but can’t wear something that thin and too revealing. This way it’s cute!

I used a man’s NRA t-shirt, added a button placket by cutting from a discarded gray t-shirt of my husband’s and adding interfacing, along with green sleeves from another of his discarded shirts. I like this one too! Two of the metal buttons I found have the look of a shotgun shell with the brand name Remington.

The quilt blocks I’ve done are the “awareness ribbons”. The first is from Carol Doak, but I didn’t like the proportion of the top part of the ribbon compared to how wide the rest of the ribbon is.

I found another at Connecting Threads   that I liked better. I made one up in purple for Alzheimer’s and one in burgundy for Multiple Myeloma. These make up smaller, so I’ll use them as a basis for mug rugs.


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