Monthly Archives: May 2018

One more liner done

After the two signature wall quilts that I made, I decided to finish up one more basket liner for the bathroom. First, I’ll show you the wall quilts:

Teal and blue signature wall quilt

This one was for a woman’s daughter, and these are her preferred decorating colors. The daughter was graduating from college and the plan was for her to gather her friends’ signatures.

Antique blue, green, red, and unbleached muslin

The second quilt is for a woman’s co-worker who would be retiring, and she preferred these “antique” or muted colors. I love how they both came out.

center row left, latest basket finish

I finished the liner for the basket with a lid. I took the cane loop off the lid of the basket and the liner now covers the cane ball for the loop to go around. I don’t need to secure things inside the basket. I am not posting how I made this one because there are many mistakes in it. Oh, and we haven’t gotten around to painting yet. Can you relate?