Please vote!

I have entered a quilt in a weekly themed quilt contest at Quilting Gallery, and people may vote this weekend for up to 4 favorites in the running. Mine is called Family Tree, but there are two by that name. Of course, you can vote for both (and two others) , but mine is indicated by the blog name (Quilt in Progress) and my name, Donna.

I was so pleased with it when I finished it! In fact, in making the hanging tabs on the top, I had come up with a shortcut to more easily do rolled hems, which had frustrated me no end before that!

Please go vote here, and look at the lovely examples to fit the theme: Leaves, Trees & Flowers.


9 responses to “Please vote!

  1. Voted! Hope you win!

  2. Es bonito, suerte

    saludos ane

  3. Kristina Calkins

    Do you have a pattern for this?

  4. Wendy Carter

    Where can I get this pattern?

    • Hello Wendy, I did not use a pattern. I found a tree photo that I liked and traced the pieces from it. It was not hard to do with a projector (I was a teacher at the time and used school equipment after hours). You can do the same by enlarging something you print until it is the size you wish to use. Good luck!

  5. Wendy Carter

    thanks. I love a challenge!

  6. Rhonda Smith

    I saw this Tree Quilt on Pinterest and then found it here. Do you have any instructions or tutorials o how you made this?


    • Hi Rhonda, I made this from a photo I saw on the internet somewhere. I used a projector and large paper to make the tree trunk, modifying what I had seen to what I wanted. I made a basic leaf shape and cut dozens of leaves from different green fabrics. I used a fusible webbing to attach to the background fabric and ran a satin stitch around the edges. Then batting and backing, and quilt by machine in a meandering stitch. Most of what I make has no formal instructions, I figure things out.

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