Busy three months

I know it has been more than three months since I posted. My life has gone into overdrive.

  • School ended, which meant I had to pack up all my personal belongings from the classroom to bring home, and all the rest for the summer. My teaching job has ended in favor of a big move to Michigan!
  • I took online classes for enough credits to renew my long-expired Michigan teaching certificate, just in case.
  • We have made two more trips to Michigan with loaded trailer: at the end of May and at the end of June. Now that most of our things are in Michigan, we know there is just too much for a small house.

I did have time to work a little bit on the maze quilt in June, posted here. I was able to get two more rows done, and work on another, before I had to pack up my whole sewing room and put it all on the trailer. Talk about withdrawal!

In March 2011 we had an auction. Here are some of my lovelies that had to sell at that time.

Several of my sewing machines

Several of my sewing machines

Three of the four you can spot in this picture actually ran well enough to be used daily. The one in the blonde cabinet was from 1927 or thereabouts and once it was oiled it worked very well. I’m a sucker for old, mechanical machines without electronics.


To the left of the hide you can see a treadle machine in cabinet.



Here is another treadle machine, electrified. I believe the same gentleman bought all the sewing machines.

Now I am trying to sell one more. It’s clean and a beauty, but I really have a very small sewing room where I’ll be living.

Singer 99K

Singer 99K from 1955

My next blog post will be as a Michigan resident. I promise some updated pictures on the maze quilt soon. I’m anxious to get it completed!


4 responses to “Busy three months

  1. Whew! It made me tired just reading your post! 🙂 I hope things settle down for you soon and welcome to Michigan!!! 🙂

  2. I found your blog from the Quilting Bloggers Directory. I saw your scrappy quilt. It must have been a bit difficult to part with your sewing machines. The blonde one you mentioned in the photo is just like the one my mother had and I learned to sew on. Did you ever sell the small singer from 1955? I am a retired elementary teacher, too, living in Michigan. I hope you have settled in since the move and you have been able to tolerate the strange weather we have had this year.

    • Hello Nancy! Yes, it was difficult to sell the machines, but choices had to be made. I sold the little one the day after I listed it, to someone who would love it as much as I did. I’m settled in, finding the weather unpredictable but more to my taste than the weather in MO. I’ll be able to sew a bit in a few days, which always makes me feel at home. Thank you for the welcome!

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