A finish and some gadgets

My husband loves to support my sewing obsession. He saw these cool gadgets when we were out shopping, and surprised me with them for Christmas. Once I got used to how they work, I love them!

I used the rotary cutting machine to cut the strips and the bias tape maker to fold and press them. Once I got a rhythm, it was much faster than even rotary cutting on the mat, and pressing with my iron.

I used them to make binding for this star quilt, which is my first finish of the year for quilting. Baby shower today, so it’s done just in time. I finished the hand-stitching on the binding on Friday.

Here is a close-up look at the pieced binding. The tape maker machine didn’t much like the seams, but if I helped pull it through it worked okay.

The second time I used the gadgets was to cut and press the binding for this doll quilt. It all went much more quickly, and with very few seams in the binding I had it pressed in a jiffy.


2 responses to “A finish and some gadgets

  1. I’ve seen these at the store and wondered how they worked–thanks for the review! đŸ™‚

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