A maze quilt

It’s not often I think of my own designs for a quilt. I do tried-and-true traditional designs, or I find a photo of a quilt someone has done, figure out the dimensions for myself, and recreate it the way I want to.

I was wandering through Pinterest posts today and the thought hit me – I want to do a child’s quilt that ends up looking like a maze. A real one that the child can trace with her finger and find the prize at the end.

I started my Google image search for the maze design I will use, and found a few possibilities. What I love about the internet is that I can usually find what I’m looking for. These will be good places to begin to design from.

Stay tuned! At some point I’ll be posting photos of the one I have completed!

(more posts about the maze quilt HERE and HERE)


5 responses to “A maze quilt

  1. Great, I love the idea.

    Here are some “rebuses”:

    Finnish quilts.

    Happy quilting!

  2. That is such a clever idea! What kid (or adult) can resist a maze? I can’t wait to see your finished design!

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  4. Love your layouts. I made my baby quilt with 2 1/2″ scrappy squares and white strips. Perfect width for Matchbook cars. Thanks for the tute.

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