Thriving on thrift

I’m seriously addicted to thrift stores, and I don’t want a cure.

I found a girl’s pink t-shirt for a quarter. I knew I would repurpose it for doll clothing. I wish I had a before picture, but here is the after:

  • one doll’s tank top
  • one knit ruffle scarf for dolls
  • one knit ruffle scarf for girls
  • two knit braided headbands for dolls

Just think what I could have made with a larger t-shirt! I also saved a bit of pink knit fabric to use later, and the sparkly M (for Missouri) to applique on something else.

This past weekend I found these two 18″ dolls at a thrift store, for a combined total of $6.50. I already cleaned the skin of both of them using lens cleaners for glasses. I figured (correctly) the alcohol would rid them of most of the smudges. I need to figure out something to use on the purple marker that wasn’t easily removed. The picture above is an almost-before picture of the dolls. I have to do something about their hair, and I’m going to use the ONE shoe as a pattern for making shoes for dolls.


8 responses to “Thriving on thrift

  1. A gentle wiping with soft-scrub (or toothpaste?) will take the marker off.

  2. You did good, Donna! The scarf, headband, and tank are adorable!

  3. such a good idea! doll clothes are seriously so expensive.

  4. Hi Quilt in Progress! This is terrific work. For a combined total of $6.75 (if you include the clothes) you just can’t beat it!

    And we’d tend to agree with you – there’s absolutely no need for a cure to a thrift store addiction 🙂 . Especially when you’re putting your finds to good use the way that you’ve done.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ll be posting more as I shop and sew more. Follow me to keep posted! Thanks for stopping by!

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