Time to finish a few

The trip out of state was a success! We worked on remodeling the house we will be moving into next summer and arranged for several workmen to do certain jobs there. The problem with travel is that I don’t get any time for sewing.

Now that we’re back, I have projects to start and finish. I’m hoping I’ll finish more than I start!

paper-pieced star quilt

paper-pieced star quilt

Here is one finish for the next couple of weeks: a baby quilt for my third grandson. I completed the quilt top last fall, but it’s one that I started several years ago. I choose challenging designs so that I can grow and learn, and possibly use it again when I want to. This is a paper-pieced star. I used all star fabrics, in different scales. Last night I pressed and laid out the layers, and pinned them for machine quilting. I received a baby shower invitation in the mail, so that’s my new deadline for completion.


One response to “Time to finish a few

  1. Beautiful! And such patience!!! Glad your trip went well.

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