Now I’m ready for Christmas!

I just had to make another one of the super-quick lap quilts. We have a new step-granddaughter who is 4 and I think she will absolutely love the pink sweetness and rainbows on this bright flannel. To avoid a sugar coma, I backed it with white fleece instead of trying to match the pink.

I made the label myself. I fused interfacing to the back of white cotton, then printed what I wanted it to say. I heat-set it with my iron, trimmed, and hemmed it.  Not all printer inks will be colorfast, and I originally tried something with color in it. The black held, but the color washed away. Always do a test patch! As a sweet added touch, I couched pink ribbon around the edge with extra at the beginning and ending, and tied it into a bow.


3 responses to “Now I’m ready for Christmas!

  1. What a beautiful quilt! I don’t think I would ever use “quick” and “quilt” in the same sentence. It would take me FOREVER to do even one.

  2. Donna, your label turned out great!! It adds a nice personal touch! 🙂

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