Plus sign quilt top

The good thing about being off work for surgery is that sewing is not strenuous. As long as I can sit in a chair and walk short distances, I can sew. I’ve managed to get some projects finished.

The plus sign quilt top is one of them. It has been fun, and a challenge. I started with an internet photo of someone else’s quilt. At first I had wider strips, but decided to make it a smaller pattern. I ended up cutting strips at 2 inches wide. I figured for a baby quilt, I would need 20 squares wide (some of the fabric pieces count as 3 squares) to make it 30″, and 30 rows to make it 45″ long. I’ll add a border before I quilt it.

The challenging part was keeping track of which piece would come next, and also spacing out duplicate fabrics so they don’t dominate an area of the quilt.

Here are a couple of close-up views of some fabrics. I’m very pleased with this quilt. I think future granddaughter will sleep very well under it.




One response to “Plus sign quilt top

  1. That is incredible! I appreciate all the time it must have taken to piece it together!

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