Making do with what it is

I love thrift store shopping, and crafting. The two go hand in hand, quite often.

I am an elementary reading teacher, and right now I have 50 students. I always put up a small Christmas tree in my classroom, and usually have ornaments on the tree that students can choose to keep.

I found a bag full of small round “gold” rings, and my thought was that they were snap-together frames for a craft project. Knowing there were plenty in the bag for one per student, I bought it. Little did I know, they were actually curtain rings. No snap together parts.

No worries. I got them home, fiddled around a little, and decided there was plenty of gluing surface to cut paper in a circle and glue to the back. I got out my new crafty circle cutter and found 1 5/8″ is the right measurement.

I plan to print a photo of each student to put in the center of 50 of the rings.

I counted out 50, and found at least that many remaining in the bag, so I found some scraps and this is what I did. Simple, cute, and I may revise it at some point.

I had a small scrap of pine tree fabric and it covered the backs of three of the rings. A little bit of ribbon, and it’s a simple ornament. I will probably work up a small tribute on the back saying it’s a gift from Mrs. M.


3 responses to “Making do with what it is

  1. Neat!! Never would have thought of that – great idea.


  2. I totally agree that thrift store shopping and crafting go together. I’ve gotten beautiful, new pieces of fabric for almost nothing. I love that you found such great uses for your gold rings. The kids will love them!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. How sweet! Many of your students will treasure these for years to come! And 50 students! I used to teach and would at times feel a bit overwhelmed by 32. 50 students and still doing thoughtful extra special things for them… you are wonderful and perhaps at least part Superwoman!

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