Confession time

One of the toughest parts of quilting for me has been the exact 1/4″ seam. I’ve tried different ways.

First there was the tape on the throat plate. Sticky mess if I had to move it, and it wasn’t something I could see at all times.

Then I got my new machine, Singer Professional 2010, and it has a 1/4″ foot. The only trouble is, when the fabric lines up to the outside edge, it’s more than 1/4″. If the fabric lines up to the inside edge of the “toe”, it’s more like 1/8″.

I found this one among my presser feet. I hadn’t had the motivation to learn about the presser feet I was unfamiliar with, but I realized the adjustable edge would make it perfect.

I put it on the machine, held a ruler to the needle and adjusted the edge marker to the right until the gap measured exactly 1/4″.

I have been using it on this, the latest baby quilt I am making for a grandchild, and it’s working absolutely wonderfully! This is the first time, as I’m sewing rows of blocks together, that the seams always line up just right.

This is a trial layout of the fabrics for the quilt. I don’t know what it’s called, as I have been calling it the “plus sign” quilt. I love it because I can use up scraps. There are only 3 sizes of fabric pieces: 2″x2″, 2″x3.5″, and 2″x5″. I had to lay out the pieces or I would hopelessly mess up the sewing order. This is for the youngest expected grandbaby, a girl due in March.

Side note, the friend I am making the circle quilt for has informed me that we won’t be trying to get them all done for Christmas, so I’ve been working on some other projects as well. I have the first circle quilt complete except for the 3 embroidered  blocks my friend has yet to stitch for me. We have a tentative completion date on them for next spring.


4 responses to “Confession time

  1. I think they should make those adjustable seam allowance feet a mainstay with ALL sewing machines! Even a beginner sewer could use the extra help in keeping a seam allowance constant! I’ve never seen such a thing… maybe I should go shopping…

    I like the “Plus Sign” quilt!

  2. Judy Stadler

    That looks like a zipper foot to me. How cool that it works for a 1/4″ seam. I will have to try that myself.

  3. Wondering what this foot is called ? Want to see about getting it for my Bernina aurora 430 thank you !!

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