Back to the past

I have been working when I can on the circle quilt, and it is taking quite a bit of time. I’m beginning to be concerned that I won’t be able to finish 3 quilts by Christmas. One of the hold-ups is that I haven’t been given any additional embroidered patches for the center 12 squares of this quilt. I’m still missing 3 for the first quilt.

Meanwhile, I started working on the second quilt. I cut 150 circles and have them put together in columns of 15 circles. Then I heaved a heavy sigh and looked over my sewing room. Light bulb moment – if I put away a few things piled on top of my old 1957 Singer model 306w, I would have a sturdier work surface, at least.

Singer 306W

I found, to my thrilled surprise, that the zigzag stitch is so much faster on the old machine! I knew I slowed down a bit going to the newer electronic Singer, but the difference, when thinking of all the slow zigzag on this quilt, multiplies to such a great degree. Genius!



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