Three tops and a quilt

No, not quilt tops. Clothing.

First, the quilt. The fireworks quilt is finished and given away.

When I mentioned to my husband that I needed a different fabric for a narrow border, he promptly scrutinized the fireworks fabric and suggested a bright green. I think he was right on with that suggestion, it brings out the brightness in the colors. The mother and father-to-be laughed when they realized I had used fireworks for their July baby.

This top I’m very happy with!

I made it from a thrift store sheet, purchased for $1.25. I have plenty of fabric left over to make something else, like a skirt, or summer pajamas, or incorporate it into baby quilts. I love it when a plan comes together like this!

Two more tops finished, and I’m not as pleased with them, but they will do. The dark floral print below was yardage purchased at a thrift store.

I followed the pattern according to what would be my size, and it ended up far too big to wear. I’ll have to adjust a couple of things.

This plaid fabric was also yardage from a thrift store. The sizing is right, but I think the pattern was a poor choice for me. I may wear it around the house only, or I may grow to love it.


3 responses to “Three tops and a quilt

  1. Your quilt is beautiful, and a wonderful choice for a July baby. And your husband has a good eye. Green was the perfect choice for the border. With all this hot weather, your third shirt looks perfect, even if it is just for around the house. Most of my favorite clothes are those that I probably would not wear out in public.

    • I agree, my husband does have a good eye, he often helps me with colors, styles, and designing. He knows what he likes, and it often matches my tastes too. Thanks for the comment!

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