Tutorial: Dash mount for GPS

I’m the kind of person who would rather make something (if possible) than buy it. Once I saw a dashboard mount for a GPS in the store, I knew I could figure out how to make something that would work.

dash mount for GPS

I started twice, and there may still be some revising to do for looks, but I’m pleased with the results.


  • scrap vinyl (I used a banner)
  • rubber non-skid fabric
  • plastic disc from the GPS
  • cotton fabric, approximately 4″ by 12″
  • weight (sand, rice, beans, seed, etc)

Start with a circle on the scrap vinyl, approximately 5-6 inches in diameter. Cut around that circle. In the center, place your disc that came with the GPS and draw around it. You have to be sure not to sew within that circle later.

Fold the white cotton fabric in half and press. Sew the raw edge to the outer edge of the circle using a zigzag stitch.The raw edge will be hidden in the middle of the weight tube.

Fold the other edge of the cotton fabric and pin to the outside of the circle drawn earlier. You will be taking darts and inserting many pins.

The end of the fabric will overlap the start. Stitch down with a zigzag. Leave the end open for pouring in the weight, but stitch down where it began.

Using a funnel, pour your choice of weighty material inside the tube. You may have to work it around to where it was stitched down. Keep pouring until it is quite full, then stitch down the end.

Remove the paper from the adhesive on the disc and stick it down to the vinyl in the center. On the bottom side, glue the non-skid rubber fabric. Your dash mount is ready to use.


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