Pinwheel fireworks quilt


Pinwheel fireworks quilt plan




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Pinwheel fireworks quilt



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…in just a few hours. I’m improving in my focus and stamina in making quilts.

I had planned out this quilt using It’s handy because I don’t have quilt designing software on my own computer, and it helps to be able to see what the design I’m thinking of will actually look like when finished.

I started with 1 1/4 yards of this bright fireworks print fabric. Here you see the blocks and borders I need for the quilt, and the little bit of scrap leftover that I can incorporate into another quilt.

I’m using a technique for half-square triangles I had found online (since removed), using two squares sewn together and cut apart. Here are the squares I have cut, ready to sew together.

First, I placed the white square on top of the colorful square. Then I stitched all around the straight edges with a 1/4″ seam.

Then I cut the block apart at both diagonal lines.

Press the blocks open, and I have four half-square triangle blocks. What I didn’t realize when I began this process is that the HST blocks would have bias-cut edges to sew on later. Luckily, I managed not to stretch everything out of proportion.

The borders and the HST blocks. The next step was to combine 4 HST together in a pinwheel.

My original plan called for 32 pinwheel blocks and 31 white squares, but on second thought, I decided that was too big for a baby quilt. I ended up leaving off one column and one row, for 48 squares total. The end result today is this, a quilt top without a border.


2 responses to “Pinwheel fireworks quilt

  1. I love your design for your quilt. Also thanks for sharing the web site. I checked it out it was
    really user friendly. Please post when you get finished with your quilt

  2. Nice design. I have a quilt I call “Fireworks,” too. I am checking out MyWebQuilter now.

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