Found a shortcut

Have you ever wanted to sew a rolled hem, but couldn’t make it work?

I was making tabs to hang a wall quilt and decided to try one more time. As I was trying to feed the fabric into the rolled hem foot, I realized that an old trick I used with adding machine tape (how old is that?!) would work here.

First, put the rolled hem foot on your machine.

It has a curly doohickey where the fabric feeds into it.

Then, cut a diagonal at the right edge of the fabric, about 1/4 inch width, about 45 degrees. Just eyeball it.

Then start feeding your fabric into the foot. Make sure you hold about 3/8 inch of fabric folded over, so that it rolls twice and you get a ravel-free edge when you are finished.

Interesting note: doohickey is spelled correctly, and not “cky” on the end as I first tried. Who knew? Spell check knows the proper spelling.


14 thoughts on “Found a shortcut

  1. I’ll have to try this next time I do a rolled hem. I figured out how to do it the “regular” way, but if this works better, then awesome! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    1. I even resorted to viewing the DVD that came with my newest machine, and still couldn’t get it to work right. I applaud you for managing to make it work the “regular” way.

  2. I’m excited to try this tonight on some clearance fabric I got to make matching scarves from my mother, my sister and myself. Thank you!

  3. That is a wonderful tip,thank you! I have always dreaded using that foot ,just getting it started was enough for me to put it away. I have new hope now!!!
    Bonnie Nyquist

    1. Bonnie, I felt the same way. I was determined (with gritted teeth) to make it work OR ELSE! I’m so glad I figured it out. Rolled hem feet everywhere are being dusted off and used now!

  4. I just purchased one of these , what timing !!!! Thank you , you are now on my favorites bar !! Yipee !!!! I’m sooooo happy for this tip !

  5. Of course spell check knows the correct spelling of such an official term! 🙂 This is a great tip and I am bookmarking it for sure.

  6. Thank you! This came with my machine and I couldn’t figure out how to feed the fabric in. Adding machine paper-I used that, and a slide rule, too.

    1. I promise not to use a slide rule in a future tutorial! Once a shortcut works, though, it can often be transferred into a new situation. Sometimes our brains need to remember old lessons.

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