Big Changes ahead

This has been a busy and amazingly smooth several months.

First, we decided the acreage and a 5-bedroom house is way too much for the two of us with no livestock. In January we met with an auctioneer and scheduled the auction, to sell off the house/acreage and most of our furniture and belongings. We spent the next 2 1/2 months boxing up belongings and moving a lot of it into the garage.

Auction was in Mid-March. We call it a success in our minds, though the house didn’t bring a high enough bid for us to sell. It’s a dizzy high to see all our unneeded furniture, books, toys, tools, and dishes leave in the span of a couple of hours with people from all over two counties. We then listed the house for sale and it was put on the multi-list.

I needed surgery, and I scheduled it for right after the auction. The day after, I was home and my husband was showing a realtor through the house. A week later he wanted to bring a couple from another state to look. We signed their offer on April 6. The closing will be less than 30 days, so we started to scramble again.

We knew our plan was to find a place to rent for about a year. We started driving through neighborhoods in small towns between where my husband works and where I work, so we split the commute. We found a place and completed the application.

And now I come to the reason for my post. I dismantled my sewing room this morning. I’m glad it was so organized to begin with, so it was a simple thing to move plastic tubs of fabric to the empty bedroom closest to the front door. I disassembled the racks that held all those tubs and I have a pile of poles and shelves. There is just a little more stacking and moving, and the whole sewing room will be ready to move next weekend.

We plan to move in two stages: first non-essential items, then a week later the essentials like bed, clothing, kitchen, food, etc. Can you believe that my husband claimed the sewing room was non-essential??


One response to “Big Changes ahead

  1. You have walked the path that faces us, except the part about an auction of the goods. I’m on a mission to downsize our ‘stuff’ by half before we get to that point.
    Great job, well done!

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