Time to design

I have more bonus quilting time, and rather than pull out another UFO, I wanted to start designing my next project.

I usually begin with a Google Image search. This time I searched “barn” and came up with photographs of unique and interesting barns. I wanted a variety of shapes, settings, and seasons. I printed off those that my husband and I agreed on. I have a good start, but I’m going to need a lot more. For fun and laughs, I included a photo of the Fallasburg Covered Bridge, near Lowell, MI, and I’ll probably include the Ada Covered Bridge as well. Both are old buildings, interesting shapes and settings, and both are buildings I have visited in person as a child.

Next, I taped the photographs, wrong side out, to the glass on my French doors to the back porch. With the nice white snow in the background, it’s very bright today and creates an eye-level light box. I traced the lines on the back side that I wanted to include in my blocks. Then, by taking the paper off the door, I could see how my block will look without the extra detail that I don’t plan to include. In some cases I will change part of the setting, and even some of the structural features of the building.

I managed to complete 5 tracings of barns. I plan to trace many more, but I got so weary of searching photographs on the internet yesterday that I don’t want to do any more of that.

Most of these will be applique, but I may try to design a paper-pieced barn or two, and there will be patchwork elements such as the doors. Some of the detail will be stitched in, probably free-motion. Before I can start to sew, however, I have to decide what size the blocks will be, what width the sashing will be, and how many I will need to complete a queen size quilted duvet cover. I’ll be busy today!


5 responses to “Time to design

  1. You said above: I traced the lines on the back side that I wanted to include in my blocks.

    Question: On the “back side” of what? Fabric, paper, template? Am new to this but very interested in your project as I want to do something similar of my brother’s cottage in Canada.

    • Kathy T – I traced on the back side of the paper on which I had printed the photo. I’m using a black marker to make bold lines that I will use later as a pattern.

  2. I, too, enjoy Barn architecture … I keep telling myself to do exactly what you are doing and get busy making myself a quilt. 🙂 Sure is fun to watch you at work. 🙂


  3. New here ! Love love love barns , please keep posting and pic’ing !! thanks happy to have found you !!

    • Okay Pat, thanks for the comment. You have convicted me! I haven’t done anything but gather fabrics for the barns, and now (because of your comment) I will be working on blocks periodically. Pictures to come!

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