Figuring it out for myself

We have a comforter, and it needed a duvet cover. It turned out to be an odd size that I couldn’t find a ready-made cover in, so I had to make it myself. Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into, and when it’s over I’m usually happy I attempted what seemed difficult at first.

I had to use an empty bedroom floor to lay out the fabric. I used the selvage edge for my first straight seam, used rulers to show me a 90 degree angle, and repeated for the third side. I also measured my width (93 inches) from the original seam to be sure at least those two would be parallel.

Another way to handle the massive amount of fabric was to use a folding table. I could shift it around easily and pin, measure, or mark where I needed to.

Now it gets tricky. I noticed at the top and bottom edges of the comforter there are loops, to keep it in place inside a duvet cover. I decided to use some scrap, make straps, and put a button and buttonhole in each strap. I can thread the strap through the loop and button it to itself.

We chose two mottled fabrics that came 108 inches wide. When it’s complete it can be reversible. I decided to have the lighter side (tan) fold over the brown side and button close. Here is a closer look at the top edge where it buttons closed.

Now that I have experience in making a duvet cover, I plan to piece one like a quilt. We’ve had a plan to eventually have a quilt with barns. Since we will not need a quilt, I’ll make a pieced side to a duvet cover.


2 responses to “Figuring it out for myself

  1. Excellent!

  2. Thanks for the info – I once made a duvet cover for a friend and it didn’t turn out so well. After reading your idea, I may not be so hesitant to try another one soon!

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