A Little Inspiration Credit

I have recently been spending more time on quilterblogs.com, where I can peek at the photos other quilt bloggers are posting and get some ideas. I came across Wayne Kollinger’s blog.

He is a self-taught quilt designer, and wondered aloud why aren’t more quilters designing their own quilts. I am one who does.

I dislike making something from a kit that hundreds (thousands?) of other quilters have made from the same fabrics in the same way. Quilting is an expression of what I think, what I feel, and what fabrics are in my closet or shopping bag. I like to choose fabrics myself and put them together in a way that pleases me. I haven’t even been able to make any two quilts from the same design! Somehow that bores me and I want my quilting to be fun, imaginative, and never a chore.

I have some disasters, yes I do. I have photos of quilts that I’d rather not show, but I have so many others that I’m proud to display. Hence this blog. I’m displaying the quilts I’m proud of, and hoping you will read, browse, get inspired, and leave me a comment or two.

Wayne Kollinger recently posted a photo of a curving 9-patch quilt. When I saw it, I wanted to use the concept of straying from the typical checkerboard arrangement of 9-patch to something unique. Now, I feel that I’m at a bit of a disadvantage, because I don’t have dandy quilt designing software for the computer. I do things the old fashioned way, either in my head, or with a spreadsheet. I change the size of the squares so that they are the size and dimension I need, then fill in the blanks with solid colors. I may not stick to the arrangement, but it gives me a starting place.

(*note: if anyone wants to donate an OLD quilt designing program, I have a PC and would gladly accept. :D)

At this time, I don’t have a design made that is based on Wayne’s curving 9-patch. I saved a link to his photo and I will refer back to it many times, and one day the inspiration will hit me hard and I’ll think, “Why did it take me this long to come up with this?” Until then, I’m still mulling it over. Thanks, Wayne, and thanks, quilters, for inspiring me.


One response to “A Little Inspiration Credit

  1. I’m always pleased to hear about someone who’s been bitten by the quilt design bug.

    You don’t need a quilt design program to design quilts. I started designing on graph paper. I have EQ6 but I never use it. I mostly design using Paint; but, I’m trying to learn Illustrator because I’m told that it is a better drawing program.

    Meanwhile, no matter how you do it, keep designing.

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