Two more are complete

Two more baby quilts completed, and now there is news of another baby coming. A July duedate gives me plenty of time to get the next idea formed into reality.

First, to brag:

This is the quilt for my second grandson. His due date is some time in February, though they may not make it that far. He’s getting big and strong enough that his birthdate may come in January instead, so this finish was just in time.

This one, if you are a regular reader you will recall, was pieced one afternoon from an Eleanor Burns quick piecing method. She called it Quick Trip, referencing Trip Around the World that is is based on. It doesn’t look quite as bright in this photo, thanks to the gray skies outside and early morning interior light. The baby this will go to is a pending great-nephew, due in April. With busy days ahead, I’m glad to have this quilt finished as well. There may not be as much time or space for quilting in the early part of 2011.


One response to “Two more are complete

  1. Lovely quilts. I´ll be following you. I´ll include your blog among the schoold I attend right on my page.
    Tks for your comment on my blog.

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