Mustard, relish and…

Catch up! I know, corny joke, but I had to do it.

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to sew much in the past few months, but I’ve been busy. The thing about teaching is that it takes up my whole day, and I have errands and other such things to do on the weekend. I have to make a concentrated effort to find the time to sew.

Since I have a grandson due in February, I knew I would spend a bit of my Christmas break from school in the sewing room to make the quilt for the new baby. I started thinking about designing it, and searched the internet for a few designs. I fell in love with this one. I like how the colors are bright, and mixed with white. I like how I could make it from stash and scraps. I like how it looks like vertical zippers.

I printed the picture, which is marked as 1930s baby quilt, and figured out the dimensions of the bricks by what size I wanted a baby quilt to be. I decided to cut 4 1/2″  wide strips of color. Each color brick would be 4 1/2″ by 2 1/2″, but I sewed strips of white to the strips of color before cutting the bricks.

These are the bricks after all cutting was complete. I know it’s heavy on the blues and greens, but I seem to sew a lot in those colors. I have a few bright colored bricks to toss here and there.

Not wanting to have too much of the same color bunched together, I laid out all the bricks, but I overlapped them to save space. Still, it took almost all the space on my cutting table. Here’s how it looked when I knew I had the right combo.

Now to sew. I spent much of today on the cutting, laying out, and sewing part of the top. I have 4 strips out of 7 now sewn together vertically, and enjoyed non-stop Christmas music as I worked. I don’t have a design wall, but I do have a hanging roll of batting, so I pinned the strips to the batting to take a look.

I anticipate some time tomorrow to do more sewing to get it together. The reason for beating the Christmas vacation plan is that the baby’s mom has pre-eclampsia and may be delivering the baby a month early.


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