A little rest

I’ve taken a short break from sewing. For the most part, when I had a few minutes, I would work on book purses to try to clear my table of supplies. In the past two weeks, I’ve made 3 or 4 more book purses.

I decided to get some “real” sewing done, so I cleared off the work table and got out the latest quilt top that I completed. Yes, that one. The one that’s so bright it has to be viewed through a welding helmet. My husband complimented it, so I’ll quilt poking fun at it now.

I love how convenient the rolled batting hanging on the wall is for working on baby quilts. I measured how much batting I would need, pulled down until I had that much off the roll, and used scissors to clip neatly across. I laid the batting on the table and layered it with white cotton for the backing and the quilt top, and pinned. That’s all the progress I made this weekend.

When I first started making baby quilts, I would sew all around the edges and turn. That takes a big of mental coordination to make sure everything ends up in the right layer and with the right side out. Lately I’ve been pinning the raw edges together, then quilting the whole piece, then binding afterward, and I like that process a lot more. As I work on the quilt I will mentally try out different colors for binding, rejecting some and finally deciding on one.

No pictures today, but I am planning on making new quilt tops soon and there will be pictures.


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