Have I told you lately….

Have I told you lately how much I love Eleanor Burns? My first experience with her quick piecing method was in 1986. I had a stepdaughter graduating from high school and I naively decided I could make her a quilt. I had read about a quick piecing method by Eleanor Burns and wanted to try it out. I made it a queen size quilt, pattern Trip Around the World, and the directions had been printed in a woman’s magazine. Laurie’s favorite color was purple, so I used shades of lavender and purple for it.

Trip Around the World

Laurie showing off the quilt

I’ve recently figured out that Eleanor has a show being broadcast on RFD TV cable station and started recording them. A recent broadcast showed a method she called Quick Trip, which is a Trip Around the World pattern, with offset rectangles instead of seam-matching squares.  For a crib quilt, all that’s needed is 1/4 yard of 6 fabrics, and I decided to make a baby quilt using stash fabrics.

Quick Trip quilt

I started matching, and came up with these bright fabrics. The checkerboard with bright colors and the dotted fabrics have the exact red and gold that match the other fabrics I found in the bins. I noticed I had enough gold for a wide border as well, but had to introduce a new color, blue, to make an inside narrow border. Overall, I’m very pleased with the result.


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