Baby, baby, baby

I worked a bit yesterday and today on some string quilt blocks. I sewed some, organized the strips (as they had been pushed aside while I worked on other projects), and cut more strips.

I figured out a shortcut: I cut the strips very long, not to a certain length. I can use them for the center strip, then cut off the end and use the rest wherever it fits. Better than pre-cutting it, I think.

I felt I needed more variety in my fabrics so I set to work cutting more today. Now I have piles ready to go when I have a few minutes.

In thinking about the family’s grandchildren having babies, I’m reminded of some favorite quilts I’ve made in the past.

card trick quilt blocks

This quilt had a variety of patches sewn together, starting with a 4-patch center and some other combinations that I cannot remember after all this time. I believe I made this about 12 -13 years ago. This was before I had a rotary cutter and mat, and to cut a piece of fabric I measured and marked and cut with my scissors. I might be willing to try this quilt again, now that quilting science has advanced past the horse and buggy equivalent!

applique moon stars

I very much enjoyed making this quilt! I  took a whole cloth, added contrasting borders and appliqued satin stars and a moon. With the extra starry fabric, I made my favorite chubby floppy bear toy.  This was given about 11 years ago.


One response to “Baby, baby, baby

  1. Whenever I square up my edges when cutting fabric for any project, I make sure to get a nice slice off just to fill the string basket. When it is full, I can start a string quilt and not have to special cut any. Just a tip I thought I’d share.

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