Back to weekends

Now that school has started here, I’m back to sewing mainly on the weekends. I do hope to find time to get at least a few minutes of sewing in during the workweek, but that depends on the workload, evening meetings, and how tired I feel.

Today I sewed some units together from the mystery quilt and made what they call the A blocks. I’m assuming the units remaining are going to be sewn together to make the B blocks, and they’ll be alternated throughout the quilt. Here’s the progress so far:

mystery quilt blocks

I’m even more pleased with my choice for the sashing fabric. I think it sets off the dark blues and the light blues very well! It’s a busy enough fabric you don’t see the seams where the sashing comes together.

Even though this was my first attempt at a mystery quilt, I’m starting to think I want to create my own mystery quilt for subscribers to try to sew-along. What do you say? What theme might you like to have for a mystery quilt? How about a Christmas wallhanging, or other seasonal decorative quilt? Any comments welcome, and I will consider writing and photographing and posting a mystery quilt-along.


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