Sewing for windows

My son recently bought a new house and the previous owners took all the good window coverings with them. That left a 20-something single man needing to cover some bare windows. He has lived without on some windows, and made do on others, until good old Mom could show up with a portable Singer sewing machine.

First, of course, we had to talk about what kind of coverings he might want. Since I knew I couldn’t cover every window, I had to know which were priorities. As far as design, color, and style, he said I could decorate as I wanted to.

I forgot to mention that his house is a 6-hour drive away from mine!

I showed up with all my paraphernalia and set to work measuring windows. I shopped for a while to see A) where all the fabric stores were located and B) what might be available. I talked over my ideas with my son and figured out, in the time I had, I could cover the two windows he requested, plus two more.

First I made Roman shades for his bedroom. That was the fabric I found first, that I liked. It’s a black faux suede with an embossed viny leaf design.

The next day I was out shopping again, this time to finalize the purchase of any hardware and supplies I needed, and to find the rest of the fabric that I couldn’t find before. I scoured the same fabric stores again, widened my search horizon, and was able to find what I was looking for.

The next windows I sewed for were the kitchen window and the patio slider. He needed something that would not block the light but would reduce the heat from the sun. These sheers with a plaid white-on-white design worked very well. By hanging with cafe rings, he can easily slide it aside to go in and out the door.

The final window was the living room window facing the street. The problem with it is that the sun would shine in, bounce off a couple of walls, and make it miserable for watching television. More Roman shades would do the trick there. The valance happened because removing the black curtain rod would leave holes to patch and touch up with paint, and it was just simpler to make a valance.

If I had it to do over, I would use a dark fabric to back it, but I didn’t want it to absorb heat from the sun. A close up shows the metallic floral design which goes very well with the two different paint finishes on different walls.

Overall, it was a very productive few days sewing for my son, and he’s thrilled with the results.

I start back to school on Monday, and have sewn 48 days this summer during my time off.  I have one day left, so I know I won’t complete my 50-day challenge, but missing it by only one day is pretty darn good. I’m still proud of all that I’ve accomplished this summer.



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