Signatures, anyone?

Back to work at the quilting, and I have just a few weeks to complete a wall quilt. I have all the blocks done, and I was trying out different arrangements. Remember, I don’t have a design wall, I have a design floor – and I take pictures from the upstairs balcony. I’m dependent on natural light and the day was cloudy, so I apologize for the quality of the photos.

original arrangementMy original plan was to simply lay all the blocks going the same way. I also tried out the half-square triangles as a border, allowing the white halves to create a zig zag in the border.

center blockMy second thought was to have a center square, and all the blocks radiating out in the pattern. To fit all the blocks, I had to have an extra row below, so it isn’t exactly a centered square.

signature quilt designThe third idea is the winner. I’m choosing to place all blocks on point and fill in the edges so it will be a rectangular quilt. I gathered the blocks from lower left to upper right along each row and numbered the rows. I started sewing the white triangles to the ends of the rows and sewing the blocks together when the usual happened – malfunctioning equipment. It’s not that my sewing machines break down often, it’s just that I make adjustments without realizing, and it takes a while to figure out what I did and make it right. It was time to quit for the day when that happened.

On a happier note, I’d listed two of my machines for sale and sold one that same day. I think the buyer was my sister in a previous life, and our love for sewing carried over into this one. She was as happy to see all my sewing machines as I was to show them to her. She got the nickel tour and promised to keep my phone number. It’s always good to meet someone who shares a hobby.



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