Back to normal

I’m back from my trip, and I had a wonderful time. Part of the day, though, I felt like I was missing something, and it turned out to be I was missing sewing on my projects.

I worked yesterday on the quilt blocks for the gift quilt. I have 45 complete blocks now, and before I lay them out and sew them together, I want a better idea of whether 45 will be enough. That also gave me 90 half-square triangles that will finish at 2 inches square, so I’m thinking I could use them as a border. It may depend on the layout.

In talking with family, there is a 50th anniversary next spring also, so I’m starting to plan ahead in my mind what to make for that one. It will also be a signature quilt to hang on the wall.

Another project I have been working on this summer is to scan all my old photographs so I have a digital copy of everything. I came across some old quilt  pictures, some of which I had forgotten I had done.

Card Trick designI made this quilt for a niece when she had her first baby in 1998. The design is called Card Trick, and the blocks seem to be overlapping cards. There were plenty of triangles in this one, and I made it before I had a rotary cutter and cutting mat. I did it the old fashioned way – measuring, marking, and cutting carefully with scissors. It took me longer than I thought it would, but I was very pleased with how it came out.

I experimented with a stained glass look, and made this rose quilt for my sister. The pieces were laid on a black background and I used monofilament thread and a blind hem stitch to tack it all down. These days it’s so much easier with the narrow fusible black bias tape.

Happy with the rose quilt, I made this one for my mother. I used the same process as I described for the rose quilt.


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