Free for a limited time!

A tutorial for my book purses (my own design) has been requested, and those of you waiting for it have been rewarded. For a limited time, you can download a FREE copy of the pattern for my top-opening, box-style book purses. Click the link below to open a window and you can then save to your computer or print yourself a copy. Please note that the pattern gives you permission to create these purses for yourself or to give as gifts, but not to sell.

Book Purses

If the link no longer works, you may go here to purchase the pattern in my Etsy store.


2 responses to “Free for a limited time!

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for a lovely site. I am interested in your book purse tutorial. But it is no longer available on Etsy. Can you make it available again? I am organizing a book craft contest for our local library and hope to make a sample craft to inspire people to enter. No, I won’t be entering myself (because I’m the organizer). Nor, will I be selling the purse (because hey I only have time to make one). I just want to make something nice enough to use myself when I’m done.

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