Energizer sewing

Day 14, moving right along….

I used my square-up ruler for the first time today. I guess I understand Eleanor Burns a little better now, the way she says her blocks are oversize and she just uses the square-up ruler to make them right. I started with the pile of blocks I had complete, 18, and made them square. Once I started sewing with the batting, that drew up the block so it was no longer 7 x 7. I thought I was making them 6.5 x 6.5, but I forgot that the ruler has an extra 1/4″ to the edge. Oh well, no reason not to have 6.75 inch square blocks!

block back

square up ruler

completed block

As I was working, I started to see I was choosing green fabrics for the first three on a block. I continued, and this is the result. I really like it!

green strings block

I don’t have a design wall as many quilters do. I don’t really have a wall I can get up close to. For now I make do with my ironing board. I laid out a few blocks when I was done sewing for the day, 36 blocks in all, and if I make a diamond pattern I get this:

strings layout

Today I worked until I ran out of batting blocks that were cut. I noticed I was seeing all the same fabrics again and again (again) so at least one day is going to be spent finding small pieces for unique fabric strings, and cutting batting blocks.


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