Making progress

I love it when I have a new project to work on, and I get excited about working on it. Once I get into it, it becomes just another quilt in progress for me, but this summer is supposed to change all that.

I got into an easy rhythm of laying down strings, pinning them, making a pile of 3-6 blocks to work on at once, then moving to my sewing machine. I worked until I realized I was seeing the same fabrics over and over again. I knew I would have to begin cutting some more, but I also had only a few batting blocks made. I kept working until I ran out of batting.

These are rough still, not squared up and still looks like just a pile of fabric pieces.

I was interrupted again in my work, to go with my husband to look at a camping trailer to buy. It turned out to need far too much repair, so we came back home. I didn’t get to work on the sewing again Sunday evening (Day 12).

Today, Day 13, I concentrated on cutting more batting blocks, cutting more fabric scrap strings, and started putting a few more together. Again, interrupted. We have a new boat, motor and trailer, and we have to go to the license bureau to take care of paperwork. Ah. Normal life gets in the way, no wonder I have many quilts in progress!


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