Getting stringy

Today I decided to start on a string quilt. I had it in my mind to use up some scraps and stash by doing one. I found some different ideas for quilt-as-you-go and how to bind the blocks, but for now I’ll just start with the blocks.

I cut white cotton into 7″ squares. I don’t know why I chose that number, but it’ll do. When I had a stack of them, I started on the scraps of batting. I had to zigzag to sew pieces together and cut them into 7″ squares as well.

Then I was all set to begin sewing, but I decided I needed my scraps organized at least a little bit. I cut them into roughly 1 1/2″ widths, and the longest ones are suitable for the center of the block, point to point. I got further into my tubs of fabric and even found some more dark and light blue that I set aside for the Mystery Quilt I’m doing in blues. So, after a great session of cutting strips, I have this to show for it:

string quilt strips

If you have sharp eyes and remember a previous post, you’ll see a concentration of blue in the top of the photo. Yes, those are the rectangles of incorrect size that I cut for the mystery quilt, only to find out I could not use them. Viola, I can use them here!

By the way, I’m keeping track, and this is Day 11 of my 50-day challenge.


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