Make do…

Let’s see, I think this is Day 8.

I decided I didn’t like having the mystery quilt blocking progress on anything else, so I’ll wait for a few more pages of instructions to post before I work on it again. In the meantime, I looked in my knit fabric stash to see what I had.

I love this fabric. I love this pattern.

knit fabric

I wanted to make this top out of this fabric, which is a 1 yard remnant purchased at half price. I didn’t know how much adjusting I would have to do to get a top out of this one yard, but I was up for the challenge. As you can see, I laid out the two largest pieces and already had a problem. Both needed to be on the fold but only one would fit. I decided the front would be on the fold and the back would have a seam. Then I discovered the two pieces for the yoke wouldn’t fit on this fabric. I looked around the sewing room….

And there was a t-shirt among the pile my husband had cleared out of his closet. It’s a size XXL so it had plenty of fabric to make the yoke and sleeves for my top.

I chose to use a different sleeve pattern. Instead of the puffy short sleeves with elastic, I’ll have short fluttery sleeves.

I changed the thread in my serger, which I’m not completely accustomed to sewing with, according to the directions. Everything went fine for quite a while. I have the front and yoke sewn together, the back has a facing at the neck edge, and the shoulder seams are sewn. I tried to serge the front to the back at the side seams and the threading on my serger went haywire.

Out came the book, thumbed to the pages with the most wear (of course) and started re-threading from scratch. It looked right, matched all the pictures in the book, and I tried to serge a piece of scrap – no good. Back to the drawing board. I worked again and re-threaded the machine. I sewed on a piece of scrap, and it worked for about 2 inches, then went all crazy again. That told me (loud and clear) that it was time to quit for the day. I didn’t mind at that point!


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