Sewing Interrupted

Well, since it has been a day or so, I thought I’d better get to the sewing room and do a little work.

Today I completed another page in the mystery quilt, which of course means more cutting and more sewing. After completing step 3 (which is page 4), my cutting table looks like this:

It’s a pile of (mostly) blue that keeps growing. I looked ahead and what I need to cut next time, and I really am running out of blue now. I know, that was the reason to do this mystery quilt, but it really defeats the purpose to purchase more fabric in order to have some variety in the prints, and I really don’t want to add another color at this late date and time. I don’t know yet what I’ll do; tomorrow is another day.

I looked around and decided to work on another book purse. I got out this book cover and found that this floral fabric coordinates well.

I backed it with interfacing for the part that is glued down over the end papers of the book cover. I found burgundy corduroy to use for the box part, and also backed that with interfacing. I was working on this when I was…..interrupted. My stepson had come over and so I reluctantly left behind the sewing for a while. It turned out to be a short visit, actually an errand for him to retrieve something from the barn, so I was able to go back to sewing.

I keep re-designing how I make these purses. Each time, it seems to be a new process. Once again, I tried to force too much fabric through the machine (an older mechanical machine) and broke a needle. Seemed like a good place to stop for the day.

So, in summary, Day Six yields one more page of the mystery quilt completed, enough of a book purse completed to haunt me for several days, and I’m done sewing in time to get ready for my “date” with my husband. We have some boat shopping to do.


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