Lazy on Day Four

I did some cutting for the mystery quilt, so that counts.

I finally roused myself to start some laundry and get up to the sewing room. I dug out Page 2 of the mystery quilt from Erik Homemade and started cutting.

This is the sashing fabric I chose. It’s more like the dark blue fabrics, but it’s distinctive so I’m hopeful it won’t just blend in as if it were more of the dark.

Here’s a shot I should have shared before. These are called the Prologue units, 60 lights sewn to 60 darks.

After today’s cutting, I have this:

I knew there had been an error in the directions on this page and I wanted to double check with the website before I did some sewing. Some of the prologue units are sewn to sashing, and some are left over, and I wanted the correct number of each. Next time I sew, I’ll have to catch up and be done with page 2 before going on to page three. While checking, I noticed the 5th page is now posted, so I printed that off and put it behind the others, ready to attack in order. I’ll get there, just not all in one week. šŸ˜‰


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