Wahoo, Day Two!

I know it’s a Saturday and I didn’t count weekends on my 50 days, but I’m absolutely sure there will be days I won’t be able to get up to my sewing room. If I have the time and the motivation, I’m going up there.

A while back, Erik Homemade posted the news that a mystery scrap quilt will be forthcoming. I was deep into schoolwork at the time, but since it was to start in May, I knew I’d have some time to catch up. Already, page 4 has been posted and I’m way behind! I decided to start on it today.

It was suggested in the directions that I might find a theme in my scraps as I lay them into piles of lights and darks. What did I find? A lot of scraps in the color blue. I decided it’ll be an all-blue scrap quilt.

These are some of the fabrics that I ended up cutting for phase one of the project. I left out Cookie Monster and some of the fabrics that I thought were more medium than definitely light or dark. Do you love the cat fabric? When my son was a pre-teen, his bedroom had dark blue wallpaper and a border of cats wearing bandannas and sitting or standing near cowboy boots. All the colors were the same as this fabric, so I made throw pillows from it for his futon.

Every time I put my hand into scraps, I think about the original projects I purchased the fabrics for. Do you ever do that? Here is a picture of the first page cutting, 60 light and 60 dark, all 2.5 inch square. I labeled where I used the fabrics before, and I’m sure I’ve forgotten some of them as well.

I did get the lights sewn to the darks, and the seams pressed properly. I’m only 3 pages behind! I wonder what this will end up looking like, and I wonder what I’ll figure out to use for the sashing. It has to contrast with the lights and the darks.


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