Summer, Day 1

I know, it’s still spring officially, but I work as an elementary teacher and today is the first weekday I didn’t have to report for work. All morning I half expected a phone call from the boss asking where I was.

This summer will be very different from other summers. I am not taking college classes, organizing and creating new teaching materials, working summer school, or tutoring students. I’m going to take this summer just for me.

I figured out the number of weekdays I am free is 60, and that includes Memorial Day. If I subtract 10 workdays for my vacation (but I’ll actually be gone 12), the number remaining is 50. So, my challenge for myself is to be productive in the sewing room for at least 50 days this summer. If I work on the weekends, I’m ahead of the game. There is nothing like the feeling of being productive to make everything else feel so good.

Let me introduce you to my sewing room. I’ll have to take more pictures, since I lost some great ones when I first set it up. I’ll show you a few things for now.

Low loft polyester batting on a roll, 48 inches wide. I have a lot of wall space and my idea was to make it easy to get to my batting and take just what I need. I used a simple curtain rod, attached to the wall. I recently used up the first roll of batting I bought this way and had to change rolls, and I was able to do that without help!

My newest machine, a Singer Professional 2010. My husband talked me into purchasing it. It has a lot of built-in stitches. I’m a mechanical girl, preferring something I can oil, adjust and repair myself, but it’s a very nice change to work in the current century sometimes.

Now that I’m off for the summer, I’ll have plenty of time to add to this blog and keep current. I’ll also be posting what I’m doing to be productive, and keep track of the number of days I’m successful.


One response to “Summer, Day 1

  1. I just got this machine as an early christmas gift, if you wouldn’t stop by my blog and let me know how you like yours! I’m new to sewing!

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