One less UFO

For my first day of summer break, I decided to attack an unfinished object (UFO) and see what I could do about it. I had made this quilt top a few years ago, and now I’m not as in love with the fabric choices as I was at that time.

I chose the bright colors based on the handprint fabric that I chose for the borders. The pattern is Around the World. Note the blue plastic container lid – I used it as a template for my quilting lines. I pulled some handy quilt batting down off the roll hanging on the wall, pressed the white cotton backing fabric, rough cut, and pinned.

I’m not an old hand at machine quilting. I’ve tried it on a few things but I can’t claim to be good at it yet. I decided to machine quilt this piece.

The quilting lines sure added some interest and character to this quilt! I’m much happier with it now that it’s quilted than I was just looking at the pieced top.

Back view of the quilting. I started with the center square and drew the curved lines around the block. Then I did the same, only a row out, and realized I only had to follow a pattern. I was able to sew along long lines and the quilting went very quickly.

All that’s left is to bind it, and I will leave that for another day. I wonder if I’ll have any UFOs by the end of summer?


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