Sunday thoughts and busy-ness

What is it about this book?

I’m talking about the peach colored one titled Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy. In the past 10 months I’ve seen and bought 3 copies of this book at thrift and second-hand stores. It makes a beautiful book purse of an adequate size. Many books I’ve bought make purses on the smallish side. My guess is that this book was a popular gift for mothers, but that those same mothers didn’t see the value in keeping and/or reading the book.

In the past two days I’ve made two book purses. The blue one in the photo above was started on Saturday and completed on Sunday.

I liked the gold lettering on the navy blue fabric cover, so I was thrilled to find a braided belt in navy and gold to use as the strap. The fabric inside was a thin cotton, navy with tiny yellow paisley. Because it is such a thin fabric I used a white cotton lining and a heavyweight interfacing. By lifting the front cover of the book you can reach from the top into the “box” of the purse. I designed it myself after playing with the other type of book purse I’ve seen.

(a glance inside)

The purse I made on Saturday is brown faux leather binding, titled The Desire of Ages. I was so intrigued by the title! I had a beautiful upholstery sample that I used for the lining and “box” of the purse. Black satin twisted cording was crocheted with a simple chain stitch to make a lightweight but sturdy strap.

I did think some more about the Christmas table runners I’m in the middle of.  I’m half-deciding not to applique the poinsettia, since the fabrics I chose are mostly gold and green. I think it might look like a bold red splash. I’ll have to think some more about what to do with the end squares. I have plenty of time, I think.

I managed to get to the thrift store this morning. I found 6 belts, some white satin fabric (more than a yard), two shirts and three purses, and got away with it all for $3.24. I love the sale day, but after two weeks in a row of the crowds and short tempers, I think it’ll be a couple weeks before I go back again.


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