My summer plans

I’ve decided something. I have a lot of clothes, many I bought at thrift stores and don’t fit exactly right, and I decided it’s time to jump in and learn to alter them. Not just taking in a seam or adding a dart, but definite repurposing and total makeovers.

As a teacher, I normally use my summers to tutor students, host educational programs, or help out with summer school, but this is a summer just for me. I’m taking a real vacation from education – no graduate classes for me or tutoring for the little ones – and honing my skills and creativity with clothing.

Every couple days I check and see what ideas I can find. Then I click over to the sewing page and the quilting page. I’ve decided to do more in the recycling end, especially making new and wearable clothing out of clothing that is too short, too wide, too narrow, etc. I have a lot of raw material to work from!


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