ME weekend

Normally, this means I do plenty of quilting, but not this time. I did some shopping (thrift store) and reading, and catching up on other things.

Yesterday I shopped, read, and napped. I needed the nap. The sun was so gorgeous. I started out reading in a chair in my yard, and closed my eyes. I woke with a headache and a sunburn.

Today I relented and shopped again. How can you pass up a bargain like 5 for $1? One of my favorite thrift stores does this every Sunday. One color tag is $.25 each or 5/$1. Another color tag is half off. I filled a basket with 11 items for myself, mostly knit tops but also one silk and one linen, and two for my husband. Then I found 3 children’s books that I can take to school for my students to check out, and a hardcover novel for myself.  The total was just over $16. I felt great! The most expensive item was my hardcover book at $2.98.

So, when I got home I had to try on all my goodies. I have 3 piles: one for later, when I lose about 10 pounds; one for “fits right now”; and one to alter in some way. I took the alterations pile to my sewing room and got to work. I took out shoulder pads, sewed down facings that flopped out into the open, trimmed the underarm and inner seam of a knit top, and took off cuffs and hemmed the sleeves of the linen shirt so that it now has 3/4 sleeves with a small V placket. This is the back view of the linen shirt, where all the embroidery is.

Next, I remembered a book I had set aside for making a book purse from, and realized how perfect it would be for a graduation gift. My niece (by marriage) just graduated from college as a veterinary tech. The book is Merck’s Veterinary Manual. What I liked about the book when I found it (at a thrift store, of course!) was how thick it was. That would make a decent sized purse.

I shopped my stash, first, and found some fabric that is a knit-backed faux suede. I also had an adjustable webbing strap. I started measuring and cutting, sewing and gluing, and I have a gift all made now.

Just a couple of hours of work, and she is going to love it, I can almost guarantee it.


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